As a cyclist, you are routinely bombarded with information on your route that demands your attention. Giving some forethought to the most common traffic scenarios that give rise to cycling accidents can help you more easily spot them should they arise.  This list is not intended to diminish the responsibility of motorists, but you need to protect yourself, to ride defensively.

  • A motorist ‘doors’ a cyclist by opening their door into an approaching cyclist.
  • A motorist makes a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming cyclist.
  • A motorist making a right-hand turn cuts off a cyclist riding parallel to the motor vehicle.
  • A motorist at a stop sign on a side street pulls out in front of a cyclist entering the intersection.
  • A cyclist is hit from behind by an overtaking motorist. This most commonly occurs at night in rural areas. It’s often contributed to by insufficient lights and reflectors on the bicycle.
  • A motorist pulls out from a driveway in front of a cyclist.

With these scenarios in mind, you are well on your way to better protecting yourself as a cyclist.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Cabbagetown

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