One of the most popular summer activities in Canada is camping. Due to the pandemic, more and more families are resorting to camping as a vacation getaway. There are several risks that come with camping which may lead to injury. This includes unproperly maintained camping premises and uneven terrain during hiking. In the event that one is injured during a camping trip, who is responsible for such damages that arise out of that injury, including potential health care costs and lost employment income due to the injury?

The Ontario Occupiers’ Liability Act provides some guidance to this question. An occupier of a premises owes a duty of care to those who use those premises. If you are camping on private property, that is, you have permission to camp on someone’s property, the person who may be responsible for damages arising out of your injury would be the owner of the private camping ground. But what if the camping ground is owned by the government? Compensation is available against the government in these cases as well. 

In essence, the party which owns a camping ground owes a duty of care to ensure that they have taken reasonable steps to reduce safety risks. In the event that they have not properly taken care of the premises which leads to injury, they may be responsible for your damages.

What to do if you are involved in a camping injury?

While you may most likely have other pressing matters on your mind, it is crucial to follow these recommendations to positively affect the outcome of any lawsuit related to the accident: 

–       Gather evidence including witness information at the scene 

–       Take lots of pictures and video of the scene

–       Seek medical attention and document your condition

–       Consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to assess your claim 

Camping Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been in a camping accident, you can trust Tony Lafazanis to fight for you. With over 35 years of experience in personal injury law, Tony is the perfect advocate for a camping injury claim and will fight for your compensation. 

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