What every injured person wants, is to be treated fairly. They are hurt. How they are treated should respect that.

Part of being treated fairly is to receive fair compensation for their injuries. We bring to the table our more than 35 years of experience for every person we represent. That experience guides us while we gather evidence (documents, records, reports, statements, etc.) to better present an injury claim. Knowing what the other side needs to assess the injury fairly, is critical.

An injured person’s first concern is to try to get better. Pursuing a claim for compensation is time consuming and complicated. That’s our job to handle.

Insurers are in the business of handling claims. An injured person is not. We step in to negotiate with the insurers.

We provide FREE initial consultations; there is no obligation. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours. Our staff are courteous and professional.

If we believe your claim has sufficient merit to be pursued, we will enter into an agreement with you to charge a percentage of the result achieved. There is no up front cost. If no result is achieved there will be no fee.

To gather the necessary evidence to fairly present an injury claim often requires thousands of dollars in disbursements. We will pay for those costs and get reimbursed as part of the settlement.

Help us to help you. If you have been injured, gather as much information and as many documents as possible, including:

  • Photographs
  • Video (cell phone or other handheld device)
  • Measurements, including photographs with tape measure included
  • Names and statements from witnesses
  • Get medical attention
  • Record and document your economic loss
  • Record and document home tasks taken over by others
  • Record and document care provided by others

In our experience a well-documented claim is likely to lead to fair compensation. We are asking an insurer to pay money as compensation. The better we are able to demonstrate to an insurer that the request for compensation is a reasonable one, the more likely a claim can be settled.