If a claim is brought for an injury typically one of the components of the claim is pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. A second component is for loss of income.

An additional component, which in the past has been largely ignored, is the injured person’s capacity to perform housework and home maintenance.

Often an injured person not only cannot work, but also cannot continue with housework and home maintenance. In other cases, an injured person is able to return to work, but is not able to also perform the housework and home maintenance they were performing before the accident.

For health practitioners, when forming an opinion, meeting with your patient, writing a medical legal report, it is important that you deal with each component of a person’s claim. Experts are available to determine the replacement costs of housework and home maintenance. Those costs, as mentioned above, have often been ignored. Those costs can be a very significant part of what an injured person has lost as a result of an accident.