Lawyers can be expensive, but they get results. If you are injured in any type of accident, you will want to call at least a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. If a lawyer believes that you have a solid case to pursue compensation, you can then discuss different payment arrangements they have available.

Contingency Fee

Many personal law firms offer an option for victims that will allow them to not to have to pay anything up front, and nothing unless they are awarded compensation. This is called a contingency fee, and with this option, you are able to obtain legal representation without financial stress. When you win, however, you will be responsible for expenses that the lawyer has spent on the case. The amount you pay varies based on the law firm and it will be a percentage of the settlement awarded.

The advantage of hiring a lawyer on contingency is that the case will not cost you anything if you do not win. You have a greater chance to have a lawyer that will be up front with you about whether or not your case is valid and likely to win. They should not offer you a guarantee however, since nothing with the courts and juries is a sure thing. Before hiring a lawyer, ask if you can negotiate their contract fees.

Hourly Rate

If you have money up front then you may consider hiring a lawyer on an hourly basis. The end cost may be much lower than on a contingency basis. The downside to this method is that you will have to pay for your counsel whether or not you win your case.

While both methods of payment are available at most firms, many firms prefer to go with the contingency fee. Victims are less stressed about finances and able to concentrate on getting better while their lawyer fights the insurance companies. Either way, you are responsible for the lawyer’s fee, so make sure you find out the costs during the initial consultation when you have the option of hiring whatever firm you feel comfortable with.