Sadly, if you have received a disabling injury in an accident, you may need Tony Lafazanis to help you receive the benefits you deserve. Most insurance companies will still attempt to get the disabled person to accept less than they are entitled to. Thankfully, the court system does not agree with this practice. There are special standards set for disabilities. You need the services of Tony Lafazanis in Toronto.

Tony Lafazanis in Toronto is used to dealing with disability cases.

Serious injuries are disabling. Serious injuries are ones that make you change the way you are used to living. These injuries could cause you to be unable to continue in the job you have been performing or to hold any type of job.

Serious injuries include:

Head Trauma or Brain injuries: Head trauma or Brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose. Quite often with injuries like these the symptoms can be delayed in showing up. However, there is a chance of bleeding into the brain, irreversible brain damage from the mental standpoint, and possibly death. Brain injuries can also result in the loss of motor controls to the body, similar to what a stroke causes.

Loss of one or more limbs: Tony Lafazanis knows that the loss of a limb can be traumatic. He understands that there is a difference between being born this way and suddenly losing a limb due to an accident. This could entail many medical expenses plus physical therapy to learn to cope with the loss. Pain and suffering are only the beginning of the compensation that should be awarded. Loss of enjoyment in life, economic loss, etc. should also be considered.

Spinal Damage: Spinal damage can sometimes be repaired surgically, although the spine will never be the same as before the accident. However, this is rare. In most cases, spinal damage results in either partial or full paralysis. Injuries like these result in the need for ongoing medical care possibly for the rest of the person’s life. They will most likely require mechanical devices to aid them in moving. Tony Lafazanis can help you get the compensation that you need.

If you, or a member of your family, have suffered a disabling injury, talk to Tony Lafazanis.

Don’t just settle for what the insurance companies say you are entitled to, talk to a Lawyer! He can speak with the insurance adjusters for you! He knows how to fight to get you the compensation you will need to care for yourself, and your family.