When a dog bites you, you often find yourself both mentally and physically scarred from the accident. Many children who endure an attack from a dog will need more help than just a few stitches or antibiotics. It is a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one has been involved in an attack by a dog. The initial consultation is usually free, so there is no harm in asking for advice.


The injuries you sustain could be as simple as the need to have the injury bandaged, or it could be as catastrophic as nerve damage and significant scarring. Most people will also have to get rabies shots. The potential infection and other blood-borne illnesses will have you taking antibiotics as a precautionary measure. This causes the medical costs to accumulate quickly.


Aside from physical recovery, counseling may be required for some victims. A personal injury lawyer is very aware of what will be required to recover from the mental trauma of the attack. They can also help you get the names of counselors that the dog owner’s insurance will cover. Making sure that you are mentally healthy is just as important as making sure you are physically healthy.

Dog Owner’s Responsibility

A lawyer will want to know where the dog was when it attacked you and where you were. There are specific breeds that require more care because they are known to be an aggressive breed. The owner is required to either keep the dog in the house or otherwise restrained at all times. If the dog is in a fenced in area that you enter, you may be partially at fault. The owner may also be required to keep a dog on a leash at all times if there is a leash law in place.

Seeking medical assistance immediately following an attack the best way to minimize your injuries, and document the damage from the attack. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will be a way to get advice, and compensation for any lost work, medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering.