Personal injury lawyers are not only for suing someone; they can also protect a person who is being sued. Several steps need to be taken immediately following an accident of any type.

Gathering Evidence

It is vital after being involved in an auto accident that photographs and videos are taken of the accident area. Your lawyer will tell you to take pictures of the damage to the cars, and: to get a good view of the area. It is also important to take notes of the conversation you had with the other party involved. Lawyers can then see about obtaining a copy of any surveillance videos in the area while talking to the law enforcement who responded.


Your insurance company will have liability coverage that pays for legal counsel if someone sues you. Your lawyer will want to be present when you talk to the insurance company or any other testimony you give to anyone else. Recording your testimony is very important so you will want to follow your lawyer’s advice on what to say and how to tell your story.


Your lawyer will be beneficial in court as well. They will be able to go over the case with you, prepare you for the witness stand, and protect you to the fullest extent of the law. While nothing is guaranteed, getting a lawyer gives you the best chance.

When you obtain legal counsel, your side of the accident will be heard and protected. They will do everything they can to prevent a settlement against you; however, they will need your help. What you do immediately following the accident is what can make or break your case. The law can only respond to what the evidence shows.