As the spring weather continues to improve, it signals the start of the motorcycle season.  In 2020, OPP saw a spike in fatalities of 60% compared to last year involving motorcycles and most of these fatalities involved men aged 45 to 54.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Canada. Whether you are an experienced rider or a new motorcycle driver, it is important to review safety tips before you go for a ride.

Always Be Alert

Driving a motorcycle requires concentration and physical strength to be safe and maintain control – riders need to be physically and mentally prepared. 

Since 2000, it is reported in Ontario that deaths have doubled due to collisions caused by distracted driving.  It is important to know that while you are driving your motorcycle, or stopped at a red light or traffic light, it is illegal to do the following:

·      Program your GPS device

·      Use a phone to dial or text

·      View a screen unrelated to driving

·      Use a hand-held electronic entertainment device 

Always Be Visible

Ensuring that you are clearly seen is very important to your safety.  All riders must have a white headlight and a red rear/tail light and ensure headlights are on at all times. It is recommended to add reflective tape to your helmet, motorcycle and clothing. Wearing bright coloured and reflective clothing will help you be more visible to other vehicles on the road.

Share the Road

Vehicles and especially large vehicles have several blind spots. It is important to be extra cautious when passing them, not follow too closely and when driving behind them, to leave plenty of room when you need to stop.

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