In Ontario, there seems to be a taboo about bringing a legal claim against a loved one. Litigation is seen as conflict, so bringing a claim against someone instantly sounds like you don’t like them, or you’re trying to start a fight against them, or a dozen other negative things.

  This is simply untrue.

 Consider the following scenario: your loved one was behind the wheel, while you were a passenger. You’re seriously injured and need funds to cover accessibility aids, medical bills, and lost wages from working. Simply put, you need access to an insurance policy.

            You can claim accident benefits directly against the car insurance policy, but those only go so far. Additional funds, likely more substantial funds, are available from your loved one’s third party liability insurance coverage. To do so you cannot bring a claim directly against the insurance company.  Formally the claim needs to be against every defendant, including – you guessed it – your loved one. Unfortunately, the decision to do this can be difficult for so many because of this stigma around litigation. You don’t sue someone you like, right?

            In fact, you can and do sue someone you love in cases such as this. Litigation is not conflict, it is a path to obtaining compensation.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

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